How to Determine the Features You Need For Video Conferencing

There are many different types of video conferencing software in the market today. The features in every system are different. With so many features, how do you determine the ones that you need for video conferencing? Here are a few points that will help you to choose the right features.

1. Do you want to conduct a brainstorming session during the presentation? Brainstorming is a great way to leverage on the creative juice of everybody and generate new ideas at real time. If your presentation includes a brainstorming session, you need to get a video conferencing system with a “whiteboard” capability. The ideas generated will be stored in a centralized system and can be retrieved for reference after the presentation.

2. Do you need to make a PowerPoint presentation? If yes, you need to get a system that allows you to present a slide show. The slide show should be visible on the screens of all participants of a conference. If you need slide show capability, make sure that the system can support it.

3. Do you need telephone conferencing during your video conference? Telephone conferencing is a great way to get things done. With this telephone conferencing, you can connect with your members and staffs easily. You may want to choose a system that can integrate telephone conferencing with your video conference system.

4. Do you wish to conduct an online survey or polling during your presentation? If your answer to this question is Yes, then you need to get a system with polling capability. The polling system allows participants to make accurate opinion or vote on a particular issue easily.

5. Choose a video conferencing system that works on any platform. More people are using Mac nowadays so it is wise to get a system that can work on both Mac and Windows. Some newer systems are browser based and you do not need to worry about operation system compatibility.

The points above are some features you need to consider before you purchase a particular video conferencing system. Video conferencing is definitely a worthwhile investment for businesses and schools. When you experience the convenience of online meetings, you will definitely start to love it. To find a list of video conferencing solution providers, you can either do a search on Google or browse through your local directory like Yellow Pages. Or you can ask a your friends to give you a recommendation.

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