New 3-Way Video Phone Conferencing Technology

Are you still using that out dated, overly pixilated, technology? Skype and Web-cams claim to be the best in video chat or video phone technology, but is that really the case?

Did you know that there is a revolutionary company on the horizon? A company that is breaking through barriers that is changing the way we communicate…
Imagine calling from a video phone and seeing your loved ones every day from the comfort of your own home or better yet seeing two loved ones at the same time…

Yes! It’s here 3 way VIDEO conferencing…

OMG!!! This new state of the art videophone now has 3 way video conferencing. What more can you ask for, the phone lets you see the person you’re talking to, it project conversation to an external screen, also has a digital photo frame when it’s not in use, video mail and messages, and now 3 way conferencing.

Close your eye for a sec and imagine picking up your phone and calling anyone around the world. It could me your best friend that live oversea or a business partner who is on vacation but still need to stay in touch. Maybe you have a global business but would love to be in every cities at one time or if you like me that family come first in life you can now 3 way video chat for FREE!

Yes I said it for FREE all calls from videophone to videophone are completely free. Meaning no more getting charged for international calls. Talk all day long no matter where you are around the world and don’t even get charged a cent to use it.

In conclusion do you want to know how to get a free video phone? Well you came to the right place, to learn more on 3 way video conferencing or to learn how to get your video phone for free contact us.

I use and highly recommend GVO Conference Video Conferencing Software. Take time when choosing a provider GVO Conference Video Conference Software> is my recommendation.

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