Web Video Conferencing in Churches: Education and Support

You might not think of churches as jumping on the bandwagon of web video conferencing, but more and more clergy are recognizing the benefits and vital use.

Especially when it comes to education, training, and support of its parishioners and volunteers.

Imagine what a church could offer if you…

Need to go to confession? But short on time? Use video web conferencing for individual or group confessions

Want to learn more about your faith? Join an online bible study course.

Thinking about becoming a Catholic? Join a Faith formation class online that fits your busy schedule.

Want to save your marriage?

Struggling with family issues? Participate in a private or group family counseling and know you’re not alone

Want to get pregnant? Learn about Natural family planning online

Grieving the loss of a loved one? Meet with your pastor or others in your same situation in the comfort of your home.

Need to raise more funds for the youth group? Meet face to face with donors wanting to support the youth.

Interested in becoming a CCD teacher? Get your training online any time you like

Pressed for time? Attend a Committee meeting you’re passionate about right from your home or office

Taking care of a sick loved one? Attend mass without having to leave the bedside.

Hoping for a miracle? Join a private prayer session and be blessed

These are many ways churches can support and grow their church members with web video conferencing now and for many years to come.

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