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With all the choices of web cameras for video web conferencing, how do you know which web camera is the best? And will it work with your pc and web conferencing provider?

Here are 5 steps to choosing the best web camera for all your video conferencing needs:

1) First of all, it’s important for you to determine your PC compatibility. If you have an older PC, it may not have a USB port. So make sure you choose a camera that is compatible with your computer or laptop.

Many laptops have built in cameras. But they may or may not work seamlessly with your video web conferencing software.

2) Choose a web camera with the highest resolution and frames per second you can afford. Higher resolution cameras capture better, more accurate details so you get higher-quality videos and pictures. Increased frames per second makes a smoother and less choppy streaming video. The most common resolutions chosen by many webcam users is 640×800 or 320×240. The higher the resolution, the higher the price will be. But if you are using video web conferencing in your business, I recommend a higher resolution so you won’t be disappointed in the video quality.

3) Quality of Lens. Camera lens can either be made of glass or plastic. A glass lens provides a much clearer and sharper image than a plastic lens. Also, a high quality digital glass camera lens provides more accurate image shootings and still pictures. Also, automatic lighting is an added plus.

4) Built in microphone: It’s important to choose a camera with a high sensitive built-in microphone for hands free use.

5) And lastly, the best web cameras have a motion detection face tracking function.

There are many video web conferencing cameras to choose from for every budget. I hope these five important considerations will aid you in making the best possible choice.

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