Videoconferencing Could Prevent Disasters

The cost could be even near of zero, there are Open source application for video audio conference like Vmukti free package, Open Meeting, DimDim, Webhuddle, and others

Why do you need to travel across the country or even across the ocean?. These days, the video conference is a very viable alternative and it could save thousands of dollars to you or you company just in a single month.

Nowadays, where the air traffic is increasing, and by a consequence the accidents too, the use of this helpful technology is very important. So that, you would not need to travel for work meetings, you could save this waste of money, less fatigue, more time with your family, … the list will be endless.

If your company is a new one, this is the best choice. The teleconferences system allow many peoples connected each others, in some cases there are applications that support unlimited conferences rooms with unlimited users and there in not extra fee for long distance calls.

The common video voice conferences software have some features like:
• Multipoint Video, Audio
• Multiple on demand sessions
• White-Boarding Tools
• Desktop sharing
• Powerpoint authoring
• Integrated chat
• Browser-Based or Desktop application
• Real time collaboration
• Desktop Messenger Client Interface
• Participants Desktop Monitoring
• Dynamic Content Management System
• Personal Sharable Customized collaboration layouts
• 3rd party Module Support
• Application Sharing and Session recording
• Integrated Collaborative Search
• HD Conference Room module
• IP-PBX Features including telephony, conference, voicemails, IVR and more
• Call center features including Predictive Dialer
• Dynamic Scripting, CRM, Live Dashboard, Campaign management, Tone Detection
• Reports
• 3G Mobile Support for video voice calls
• Unified Communications Interface for FAX, VoiceMail, SMS & A/V Collaboration for Mobile, PDA, Desktop & Web users

Do not wait one more time!!! It is easy to find a good video voice conference provider. To obtain a good samples of them, just type on google any of the keywords of the tag line

I use and highly recommend GVO Conference Video Conferencing Software. Take time when choosing a provider GVO Conference Video Conference Software is my recommendation.

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