Whurray offers Free Mail, Video Conferencing,Audio,text chat .

Exciting Free Web Based Services Including Site Mail and Pocket Mail Facilities Whurray.com is one of the largest Indian portals with several exciting web based features. Users will be able to send emails using their mobile phone SMS feature without any internet connection. Visakhapatnam AP- Whurray webmail is becoming increasingly popular lately as it offers many value add features that are not available with the other free web based email services.

Whurray.com is a popular Indian based portal that offers variety of services including POP3 Email, IMAP Email, web based video conference facility, online chat, Whurray Bazaar and more. With respect to their email services, Whurray.com offers Site Mail and Pocket Mail services. Whurray Site Mail offers users unlimited storage space for their mails. Pocket Mail from Whurray.com is something totally unique.

For the first time ever in the history of the mobile phones and in the history of the internet, users can send and receive email through their mobile phones without the need for any internet connection or GPRS subscriptions. It is possible to send and receive SMS from every cell phone as this is one of the basic features of cell phones. Using the SMS feature users will be able to send and receive emails now to any domains like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Indiatimes, etc. Whurray Pocket Mail helps people to be connected all the time even without the internet connectivity. This feature of Whurray.com is bound to become a highly popular feature among business executives that travel frequently. They need not have to carry around their laptops to send and receive quick emails or their expensive PDAs as sending and receiving emails will just require SMS facility.

When it comes to video conference facility, Whurray.com offers free online video conference facility and it is deemed to be the best video conference online as the quality of this service is unmatched. They use the latest technology for video streaming and the audio quality too is superb. Users will be able to enjoy one on one, one to many and many to many video conferencing facility. Whurray.com is also one of the first free web based email service providers to introduce Voice or Audio messages service.

Using this service users will be able to send quick voice messages. Site Mail comes with number of value add features including but not limited to advanced text editors, designer skins, email notifications, anti virus protection, unlimited space for mail box, possibility of attaching large files to the emails, mini chat screen, sophisticated Flash interface and lot more. Whurry.com offers number of web based services and all of them free of cost. This web portal can be easily compared to the portals maintained by internet giants like Google and Yahoo, but this is the first of its kind in India. To know more about this portal please visit http://www.whurray.com.

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