Video Conferencing – The Impact On People And Businesses

Video conferencing is considered to be one of the most effective forms of communication using electronic means.

Video conferencing utilizes a camera, a microphone and a connection, which can be via phone lines or through the Internet to allow people to communicate both orally and visually. Today, video conferencing has become very effective, because of the deep penetration of the Internet. Add to this, the decreasing prices of video capture devices such as web cameras and you will easily find that video conferencing is now a household name.

When a large number of people want to communicate with each other, video conferencing makes it possible. When an
organization wants to have an internal meeting of all its members, in which all its attendees are in different areas and are not able to reach the location of the meeting or in case it is not possible to bring them all in one location at all, what does it do so that all thse members can effectively communicate with each other in real-time?

It schedules a meeting through the use of video conferencing. With video conferencing, it is now possible for people who are aurally or vocally challenged, to communicate among themselves using sign language. These people can make use of a video conferencing service, even if both the parties have such vocal and aural problems.

Video conferencing solutions have had considerable impact in the area of education. The major impact of video conferencing has been in the area of distance education as well as in courses which are obscure and thus it is difficult to arrange teachers for them. Video conferencing allows the deployment of a centralized course and makes it possible for students to interact with the best teachers without the need to go to the places they teach at.

A number of universities in the United States provide the general public with access to recordings of video conferencing. Video conferencing also allows researchers to collaborate with each other from anywhere in the world to carry out their projects. You can find out more about video conferencing and webcasts at

Video conferencing has also significantly contributed to the field of health care. Video conferencing has made telemedicine and telenursing a reality. It has also made it possible to optimally use health care funds in rural areas. Through the use of video conferencing technologies it is now possible for doctors to communicate and discuss cases with each other.

Business however is the area which has been radically impacted by the video conferencing technologies. With the globalization of businesses and their top brass spread all over the world it has become more and more difficult to
synchronize the work flow in companies. Thanks to video conferencing, however, now these businesses are able to
function in a smooth manner and especially their sales departments, whose personnel are always on the go as they are now able to telecommute to work.

Video conferencing has made the process of communications both economical and effective for people and businesses around the world.

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