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April 2019
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Traffic Course

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Traffic is the life source of an Internet Marketer and with out it all their efforts are wasted. When you are starting out you are more likely to have more time than money, so this is how I started to build a good list of leads with miminal funds and concerted effort

As you move through these paged you find many different list building methods and I will show ones to avoid.

So Let’s Get Started

Let me first start with what to avoid…

In my early days Safelists were all the rage. The trouble with Safelists is you need lots and lots of emails sent out and also received that most partisipants just funneled all the emails that they to receive to allowed to send theirs into a dump folder. Therefore the emails that you sent were never read. waste of time receive the credits that you will use to build your send list.

This course will advance through the OK Traffic Building sites to ones that do better but these you do need to invest some money.

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