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February 2023
About This Site

Thank you for taking the time to having a look at this page.

It our hope that you will find interesting information that will help you do better in your Internet Marketing.

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Hello, I’m Paul Tuting and I have been involved with Direct Marketing since the late 60’s. Around about 1998 I have been involved with Internet Marketing and a number of Affiliate programs.

I do not claim to have some magical secret that will make you a millionaire but I have have the benefit of being able to draw in the experience some the leaders in Internet Marketing.

Such people like Dale Calvert or maybe Brett Rademacher on LinkedIn, Spoke, Twitter or perhaps MySpace

If you have been around on the Internet I am sure you have heard of them. This does not make me some sort of an expert but I do soak up well when I am around these people and I still can get access for anything I might need to know or ask on your behalf. If anything I am a facilitator and my skills or bring together resources that make a solid package is where I shine.

I will be adding more tools and programs and you find these will be ones of good value. I know that as I add more to this site you can be assured you can build a strong Internet presence and make it profitable.


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