Video conferencing software tools features and functions

Video conferencing software comes with tonnes of features. In fact there is so many tools, features and functions that combined they replicate the same experience you get from a traditional offline meeting. Lets face it, you will never replace the traditional offline meeting totally, there will also always be a cause for offline meetings, but you will find that now technology is so advanced that it will be chosen in favour by many.

Lets have a look at some of the features you can expect to see with onlineconferencing software and why.

First lets look at PowerPoint sharing. Many conference providers are offering this feature because PowerPoint is obviously a well known and heavily used product. Therefore it only makes sense to be able to do a PowerPoint presentation direct from the conference room. PowerPoint is a stand alone product from Microsoft and has been used for years as a slide show style presenter. Over the years it has developed and can handle many jobs including images, text, video, audio, and more. Its very obvious why conferencing software providers endorse this product and include it as an easy to use feature. Not all offer this feature but soon more and more will realise the potential of including this into their packages.

Another equally important feature is file sharing. This is a great tool and is probably self explanatory but I will give you a run down none the less. The providers which offer this simply know how important it is and most of them have made it very easy to use also. File sharing enables the conference host to share files from his or her own system with the attendees. Its as simple as placing a file into a virtual drawer within the rooms interface, then all the attendees can open the virtual drawer on their interface and download to save to their system. Files such as text documents, images, videos, presentations, and more. You can see how powerful the file sharing feature is. This feature is important as nearly all meetings require you to come away with something for later.

A couple of other features which share similar jobs are the desktop sharing and browser sharing. Both of these are used as demonstration style conferences. Both can be activated from within the user interface and simple use as you would from your own computer. Once activated all attendees can basically see everything you are doing from the center of their interface. Whether your browsing web pages or teaching how to use software on your PC, all will be able to watch. Very good for example based meetings.

Another great tool for example based meetings is the whiteboard sharing feature. This works the same as holding a whiteboard meeting in your office. The feature hosts a range of tools including text, shapes, draw, graphs, and more. This feature again, displays in the center of the attendees interface. A combination of the tools above all make for a really great unique conference meeting experience.

There are more functions, features and tools but the ones mentioned in my article are by far the best. I will finish this with the conference record feature. You can record your conference to archive for later viewing or for the missing attendees to catch up later. This tool is more valuable than you think.

I use and highly recommend GVO Conference Video Conferencing Software. Take time when choosing a provider GVO Conference Video Conference Software is my recommendation.

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