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Affordable Video Conferencing

Do you want to keep in touch with employees, business contacts or clients? Mega Meeting’s video and web conferencing services make it possible for anyone, anywhere in the world to log on and participate in your Internet meeting. The service works on any operating system, Mac, Windows or Linux, and users can take part even if their computers are protected by a firewall.

An Affordable Conferencing System

Online conferencing will not break your budget! When you add up the travel costs that you will save when you hold meetings online, the costs of this service become negligible. Mega Meeting is available in four versions, suited to individuals, small companies, large organizations and companies that wish for a private branded version.

Mega Meeting offers superior Web and Video Conferencing solutions at a fraction of the cost. Online find out how this service can help bring your organization together, boost morale, raise efficiency, improve teamwork and lower your travel costs. If you have any questions, just call or e-mail us and we will be happy to help you out. Give Mega Meeting a try and see why more and more organizations are turning to our solutions for videoconferences, web conferencing and other Internet meeting needs.

Video and Web Conferencing Software

Through its variety of services, Mega Meeting provides full-featured and flexible web conferencing software, video chat server and webinar software. Participants can communicate by voice, or instant messaging chat and see each other via video/videoconference. This is made possible by the powerful video chat server. With Professional and Enterprise versions of its web conferencing software, Mega Meeting includes multipoint, desktop video conferencing software that allows up to 16 individuals to be seen at the same time and an unlimited number of additional web conferencing attendees to see those 16. Participants can talk and hear one another by using standard microphones and headsets thanks to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). As an alternative, if you wish, you can choose to use free, integrated teleconferencing for the handling of audio in your webinars.

Participants can share applications and open and examine common documents while online. Hosts of the conference can show a PowerPoint presentation that will be visible to all attendees. And some versions even allow an operator to remotely control the computer of another participant.

Host Webinars With Easy to use, yet Powerful Webinar Software

The uses of Mega Meeting’s web and desktop video conferencing systems are limited only by your imagination. Companies are presently using Mega Meeting services to hold Internet meetings (videoconferencing), demonstrate their products and services to potential clients, conduct staff training sessions and even perform after-sales servicing of their products and software (by using remote desktop control software).

Educational, social and religious organizations are using video conferencing services to connect with students and members at a distance. Many organizations are using webinar hosting features to conduct virtual, web-based meetings and seminars.  Are you a business looking for an easy way to conduct online web conferences with video and audio services? Do you want to find a quick and painless method for conducting online meetings with prospects, clients and employees? Try Mega Meeting, a browser-based video conferencing software. Mega meeting requires no downloading, installing or configuring of software. All you need is an Internet browser, a broadband Internet connection and a web camera or digital video camera (if you wish to be seen).

In addition, is operating system agnostic, meaning that anyone using a Windows, Mac or Linux-based machine may participate in a Web Conference. With multipoint online Conferencing, up to 16 individuals can be seen at the same time, and an unlimited number of additional secure video conference attendees can see those 16. Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) means that Video Web Conferencing participants can talk and hear one another by using standard microphones and headsets.

I use and highly recommend GVO Conference Video Conferencing Software. Taking time when choosing a provider GVO Conference Video Conference Software is my recommendation.

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