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When considering conferencing options it is important to know what main areas are available. Audio web video conferencing is the primary option, each with its own high points and drawbacks. In most cases, a company can easily determine which conferencing option they will primarily use and then from there can look for the most affordable conferencing services.

Audio Conferencing

Audio conferencing is the most basic conference service available. Audio conferencing is a very simple setup requiring only a telephone and a toll-free number. One of the benefits of choosing a strictly audio conferencing service is that is the cheapest of the conferencing services. Pricing is based on a flat rate and depending on the service provider, some extras are included free with the basic package. Some of the drawbacks of audio conferencing are due to its relatively basic set-up; the options may not completely meet the needs of a business. For larger audio conferences it will not be possible for everyone to provide verbal feedback. Out of the three services, audio web video conferencing, audio is the most basic.

Web Conferencing

If audio is too basic for a company’s needs, web conferencing may be a more acceptable solution. The level of involvement in a web conference can range from viewing simple text via a central server, or even with the addition of audio provider real-time voice as well. Web conferencing is a little more costly depending on how much interaction the software allows. Also with web conferencing, every participant will need to be online, which means everyone would need a computer and access to the Internet. If the conference is audio web video conferencing, it will have to be a high-speed connection. While web conferencing is usually more expensive, the fact that infinite amounts of data can be transferred and immediately reviewed easily outweighs that.

Video Conferencing

Occasionally a company will decide to roll up audio web video conferencing all into one package. Most commonly this service is referred to as simply video conferencing. Because video conferencing usually combines audio web and video utilizing an online connection, it can most accurately replicate the feel of being in the same room with someone. Video conferencing is of course one of the most expensive options, but with a little planning doesn’t have to be out of range.

Either way, you go there are tons of audio web video conferencing options that can meet your needs and budget requirements.

I use and highly recommend GVO Conference Video Conferencing Software. Taking time when choosing a provider GVO Conference Video Conference Software is my recommendation.

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