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Audio-video conferencing software can help SMEs and booming businesses cut down on their travelling, calling and other miscellaneous costs. However, many decision-makers find themselves in a fix over costly installations. Thanks to some developers and providers these applications are available as open source projects and can be downloaded for free. However, these shareware applications are beneficial for small organizations only. Given their limited technical specifications, one needs to be careful about ‘when and where’ to use them.

These conferencing software applications can be downloaded from any website that offers general downloading such as movies, music or video under the technical software tab or category. However, before clicking the download button, you may want to read the reviews and check the ratings of certain software. Browse through the comments carefully and read the attached short description of the desired audio-video conferencing software. The description can give you a quick idea about the usage of the application. It also comprises the technical specifications of the stated software. Along with this, you can also know the rules and regulations stated by the developers before downloading the software. This description also includes the minimal or bare basic requirements of software and hardware for installation.

Usually, the basic system requirement to install a free audio-video conferencing software is Windows 98 OS or higher. You would also like to check the download time and size of the application. Generally, the size of such an application is 330 KB or above and depending upon the connection, it can take minutes to hours to download. However, downloading should not waste computing time or clog the available resources. Sometimes, the usage of shareware software applications can be used for a certain trial period only. If you are planning to buy any software in the future, this trial period helps you to determine the nature and actual benefits of the software.

These free audio-video conferencing software applications help you to keep your business operations well-synchronized and streamlined. While giving an edge and saving grace over your competitors, these come completely free for small-medium businesses.

How to install a Free Audio Video Conferencing Software

You just need to go to your favourite search engine and type the keyword- “freeware audio-video conferencing software“. Once the free downloading websites come in the result, you can go to any of them and start downloading. The software is most likely to be found under the subset of technical software. Before downloading, ponder over the above-mentioned tips.

Once you find the software useful for the company, you can consider purchasing it for long-term benefits. To keep yourself abreast of the knowledge on shareware audio-video conferencing software, you can choose to be a member of such forums. You can chat with people or developers to get an idea about such software.

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