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HD video conference camera notebook further escalation – as high, video conferencing, Samsung laptop

Samsung has developed two new notebook computers HD Image sensors, which will support 720P and 1080P high-definition cameras, and support for high-definition notebook Video Applications just around the corner. A new generation of notebooks will completely satisfy the demand for high-definition video communications, dramatically related to the promotion of high-definition video applications. Which is very popular in recent years, video conferencing will usher in a new round of development, climax, HD Network Video Meetings or will become mainstream.

Authoritative statistics show that 60% of effective communication of information depends on visual transfer. Through a notebook equipped with HD cameras for video conferencing, the screen more clearer and smoother, perfectly rendered scenes for real meetings, more efficient communication and avoiding fatigue.

High-definition video conferencing network to meet user demand for video quality, the effect is no different with high definition video conferencing hardware, and in cost, mobility, collaboration and scalability in terms of substantially beyond the hardware video conferencing, to video conferencing applications, “Lightening.” After the video conference rapid development in recent years, the market has formed a certain scale, particularly in the application of a wide range of business users. This has become the phone, e-mail, and instant messaging, a new generation of remote communication after, helps customers improve communication efficiency. Also very good in reducing the cost of remote communication. To be sure, the network upgrade to HD-level video conference, the full spread is irreversible.

The face of the gradual expansion of the “cake”, video conferencing, especially leading brand manufacturers shoulder the important task of market cultivation and promotion. As the high-tech ( network video conferencing industry leader, following promotion in 2005 to break the price of ice, “rental” model, in 2009 to promote universal-type video conferencing (conference room and desktop aimed at the mainstream of application) after, will take the lead with innovation for product upgrades, through the national coverage of 21 core city service network, to take up the popularity of high-definition video conferencing network the task, together with the behaviour of the user to provide better products and services that make online video Application of the meeting enjoys popular support.

As high (Seegle) video conferencing systems and high-definition cameras, two-pronged, video conferencing is no longer limited to large conference rooms or meeting rooms, the user can very easily access applications via the web video conference services, video conferencing at Mobility has a great jump on. At present, a high (Seegle) video conferencing system has to support 25 square 20 square full HD video and high-fidelity voice flow experience, while meeting a variety of feature-rich embedded system modules that will provide users with remote Electronic Whiteboard collaboration, file sharing, web browsing, Audio and Video File Play and many other applications, to meet 95% of the office needs remote collaboration.

As High (Seegle) technology, an official told us: “In the next couple of years, the popularity of high definition video conferencing network will save users 70% of the cost of remote communication, and implementation of the improved efficiency of communication We can not expect the current rate. ”

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