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Many to many web video conferencing

Many To Many web video conferencing is a combination of two webcasting services named video conferencing and web conferencing. Video conferencing means the collaboration of one or more than one person at the same time while sharing sounds and videos live. Web conferencing is an expansion pack of video conferencing. It includes not only live audio and video conferencing but also remote desktop sharing for sending or receiving documents, files and folders from one PC to another. Many To Many terms are used when people are interconnected with each other in such a way that all participants can see, listen and speak with each other independently. It is just like a gathering in a single room where everyone has independent access to each other. In a business meeting, business partners and co-workers collaborate to analyze their business objectives, share reports and make new business plans. When someone talks, all can listen and discuss at any point. This is a routine business meeting in the real world. Many To Many web video conferencing is the best alternative to routine business meetings by providing a virtual collaboration of business personnel through the Internet.

Why Many To Many Web Conferencing:

The question is why someone needed Many-to-many web video conferencing rather than physical collaborations. What are the advantages of web conferencing which replaced traditional business meetings with virtual business collaboration by using online web video conferencing technology? The answers are not much complicated. During the current era, a boom in technology creates enormous opportunities for business and trade. Horizontal and vertical expansion of business identifies the need for fast collaboration among different departments. The whole world was becoming a global village and geographical boundaries were no more barriers for any industry to establish its business and find new target markets. Fast collaboration provides the opportunity for online virtual business meetings without travelling. Online Many to Many web video conferencing makes it possible by availing this colossal opportunity. It saves travelling time from one region to another. There is no extra travelling or residential cost. Everyone has access to meet his partner at the computer screen while sitting at his workplace. The invention of web conferencing makes file and document sharing very easy. There is no need to travel out of the region when you have your PC. Someone can access his computer from a long distance by using online remote desktop sharing solutions. During Many to Many web video conferencing, everyone can share business reports, videos and other data by sharing their personal computers.


The history of online audio-video conferencing is as old as the development of the internet. In the early 60s, a small program for distance learning was developed. It was designed for a single classroom and is sometimes called a Plato. This program was much more costly and mainframe computers were used to run and operate it. During the next few years, it was much more developed and organized. In the mid-70s, it was launched for commercial use. Hundreds of companies started to use video conferencing in the next ten years. The history of web video conferencing took a turn when the main frame base Plato terminated in 1980 due to much high cost and low-quality communication system. Mainframe computers were replaced with the latest microcomputers. Audio video conferencing technology enhanced to web video conferencing solutions. a lot of expansions were added to facilitate and simplify online collaboration. Today’s online web video conferencing solutions have become an industry that serves telemedicine, online seminars, online business meetings, law firms, religious organizations and online marketing companies.

How it works:

In many to many web video conferencing processes, a powerful dynamic streaming system is used today to run, stop, pause, and rewind online web video conferencing. It is the latest technology to the day which works with an integrated HTTP server. Adobe Flash media streaming server 3.5 is a powerful mechanism to run all technical operations of web video conferencing. One person hosts the whole conference and invites guests by sending them a conferencing link through email. Guest accepts this invitation to join Many To Many web video conferencing. Desktop sharing ID provides him access to the desktop of another computer with him.

Coverage industries:

Many to Many web video conferencing is a bridge for the telemedicine industry to Secure plus cure health without any geographical restrictions. Get online Medicare by web video conferencing with your doctor while sitting at home. Online hospitals have become a mature industry. Patients save time wastage, travelling expenses and other worries by instant consulting with their doctor.
Online marketing companies are the second largest coverage sector of Many To Many web video conferencing. Daily online collaboration made it easy for online marketing companies to target achieving.
Personal online meetings and virtual business collaboration are possible through face-to-face gathering by using Many To Many web video conferencing solutions.

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