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Video Web Conferencing – Hot Communication Trend

With much advancement in the field of technology, Video Conferencing has been a real blessing. Now, small and large-scale organizations restore the process of Video Conferencing to ensure cheap and faster communication. With the help of Video Conferencing, a host of activities can be completed without much hassle. From Live Video Chats to Slide Show presentations, from holding seminars and meetings to data sharing, Video conference has certainly added to the utmost convenience of every business type.

Video Conferencing Systems can be of four different types – Integrated Conference Room, Desktop Video Conferencing, Set Top Video Conferencing system and Telepresence Conferencing. Desktop Video Conferencing system is a much more economical option to opt for but the most commonly used system is the Integrated Room Conferencing system.

Since the time the Video Conferencing system evolved, the operators facilitating the conference used to manually dial all the parties each time. They also used to answer incoming calls and then put the members into a conference call. Although, with more technical advancements, operator-assisted conferencing has been replaced by automated techniques, still there are quite a few firms that adhere to the conventional technique of operator-assisted conferencing.

Many public companies still use operator-assisted conferencing and Investor Relations companies are one of them. Here, the selected group of people are only invited to a live call and there is a requirement to screen the other incoming participants and operators needed herein. These aspiring participants are invited by the operator or facilitator to participate online through the streaming process. The operator accumulates the necessary information from them, for example, their name, Company’s name, e-mail address and more. The operator can also run a question and answer or polling session, if required on behalf of the company.

Operator-assisted conferencing is also used in the legal domain by law firms for tort litigation. Some companies seek to help consumers who are harmed by the products or services of a particular company. Such types of cases require coordination through large conference calls with multiple parties. Here, operators need to identify a particular party and screen the others during a call. Here also, the operators may conduct a polling or question-answer session.

Video Conference is also used in many Court cases and Operators play a dominant role herein. The operator is required to take all the concerned parties on a call. The calls are recorded and stored for future vigilance, reference and investigation purposes. Many Educational institutions also use Video conferencing calls to hold their training sessions. The same fundamentals are used by private firms as well. These private firms can hold meetings and interact with associates and clients.

The expert involved in operator-assisted conferencing leads to its growing usage. With this type of video conferencing, a professional is involved with the service provider who coordinates the entire conferencing process. Not only does the operator help coordinate the entire conference session but also provides you required assistance in several ways.

In recent years, many more hi-tech amenities have flooded in, but still, adherence to something very conventional pays off. In this regard, we may cite the example of Operator assisted conferencing. Operator Assisted Video conferencing helps you avoid the trouble of contacting Customer Support in case you experience any troubles such as poor audio quality or interrupted service. An operator involved at such a crux will help you by resolving the issue then and there, hence allowing you to enjoy the interminable and continuous service.

Video Conferences assisted by Operators may be a matter of expense and may cost more, but it’s worth every money spent. With this specialized technique, many valuable business insights can be derived and an impressive business stature can be created as well.

I use and highly recommend GVO Conference Video Conferencing Software. Taking time when choosing a provider GVO Conference Video Conference Software is my recommendation.

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