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Video Conferencing – The Communication Tool You Need Today

Video conferencing is perhaps the best technology for making effective communication. This technology uses video and voice optimization through the World Wide Web (WWW). It enables the users to communicate with remote participants. During a video conferencing presentation, all the participants can watch and hear other participants and the presenters. Due to its high communicative utility, video conferencing system has become a part and parcel of modern business. This communication system is also widely used by distance learning and e-learning providers.

Requirements for video conferencing

During conferencing, the participants require a computer, microphone, webcam and broadband Internet connection. Enabled by these supporting tools, the participants of conferencing interact with each other as if they are sitting in a real-life conference hall.

Types of video conferences

This tool is used these days as an important mode of communication. This tool is mostly utilized by corporate sectors as it not only saves time and travel costs but also helps to establish interactive communication with people from any part of the world. Video conferences are of two types. One is called a ‘point-to-point video conference.’ It is generally conducted between two persons. The other one is called ‘multiple point video conference’ which involves more than one person.

Common uses of conferencing

The technology of video conferencing is so effective and far-reaching that it is used in a host of fields. Most Popularly its uses are in the fields of telecommunication, telemedicine, corporate sectors, education, emergency report, security and surveillance.

Advantages of video conferencing

There are numerous advantages of conferencing, which have made this communication tool highly popular. One important benefit associated with conferencing is that it serves as a stimulator for knowledge sharing and brainstorming.


Research is on to enrich this wonderful communication technology. Software companies are busy developing tools that would make this technology more advanced in the days to come.

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