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What’s the Best Software for Video Conferencing?

Video Conferencing has seriously eroded the necessity for physical meetings. With high-quality streaming videos and audio available over the Broadband Internet, virtual meetings have become almost as good as physical meetings. Just two or three years ago, developing countries like India took it for granted that conferences have to be always physical and at selected geographical locations. But three years of intense communications and computer technology advancements have turned every aspect of data and multimedia content transmission over its head. Streaming Video over Broadband Internet with unbroken multimedia like sound, image and picture are today a reality. With huge strides forward in telecommunications like dedicated satellites for communication and the establishment of high-bandwidth National Internet Backbones supported by submarine optical fibre cable networks and satellite-based communication infrastructures, conferences over the web are as good as real-life meetings.

With several software available for testing and ensuring the quality of video transmissions over the net, conferences have moved from Boardrooms at geographical locations to participants spread all over the globe and conferring together, with life-like video images and audio content reaching them instantaneously. The video-conferencing screen with state-of-the-art audio setups is placed at one end of the conference table. When the broadcast begins, this creates an illusion as if the other person is sitting in the very room, at the other end of the table. This eerie reality or the striking closeness to the real thing, is what has made video conferencing such a success. Call it whatever you like, video conferencing, web conferencing, teleconferencing or webcasts, technology has made it possible that physical meetings and lengthy stays at different geographical locations are no longer warranted.

Whenever any corporate or multinational schedules a meeting of its board of directors today, the first thing that strikes the mind is the immense possibility of Video Conferencing.

I use and highly recommend GVO Conference Video Conferencing Software. Taking time when choosing a provider GVO Conference Video Conference Software is my recommendation.

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