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Video Conferencing Software – Lead Market – Immense – Enticing

“The Video conferencing industry, although 99.9% of the market is covered, there are gaps,” which is the Wei-speed (V2).  Mr Ye Bin, general manager of technology, comments on the future of the domestic video conferencing industry, there is a huge space to explore.  At home, video conferencing applications are still limited to state-owned units, a large Enterprise “Less than 10 000 enterprises clients, and we have several thousand million in total business.”

After 3 years of going abroad on a business trip studying the video conferencing industry the overseas market may have two or three billion dollars in market share, but until today the domestic industry with only 23 video conferences is 1 billion yuan. It would appear that the total of the domestic market and international markets in developed countries the video Communicate Application is sufficient to negate the tremendous distance of any domestic video communications company, “which the proud” results, but also made clear to every business opportunity with a huge industry.

The face of a huge market, “empty” space, in the industry, are very positive about small and medium enterprise market. For future market growth, Beijing Science and Technology Development Co. Lan Ming Star Company Qin Zigang vice president that “the enterprise market will be an important direction.” Qin always told us that in 2009 and 2008 compared to satellite customers in the enterprise Lan proportion to the number of users showed a significant increase. Whether the future market of large enterprises or SMEs will form a huge demand for video products. In particular, the small and medium business market will be a new growth point. To this end, star Lan also introduced a leasing business and 1358 this product specifically for small and medium enterprises. This year’s focus on the market is one of the directions for research.

The SME market, Beijing Sheng Restoration Century Network Communications Technology Ltd. Founder, President Mr Wei Songxiang more unique views: In the past, the “SMEs”, reference is inaccurate, “in fact only medium-sized enterprises, small businesses generally do not have this requirement.” Small businesses, dozens of individuals, many hundreds of people, management, information technology and other factors in the decision do not need this kind of enterprise video conferencing system, “to use instant messaging tool QQ, MSN also basic enough.” Unless some special small businesses, such as foreign trade enterprises, often communicate with foreign customers, they really will have video conferencing needs. In the fundamentals, you can think small businesses do not need video conferencing products. Leasing business and software mainly for medium-sized and large enterprises will be some local branches, such as insurance companies and other subsidiaries. Nevertheless, Wei Total does not negate the “SME” big market, but Weizong Jiang stressed companies must be more careful in segmentation and understanding of this unique market area.

Multimedia Communication Technology Co., Ltd. Sichuan Jinhu Chairman Mr Liu Huilan think, think the future of video conferencing products, and market space, should be based on a broader concept of communication: “It’s like everyone needs a house, every Person needs a network space. the future every business person has a network of space and meeting guests in this space, people talk, write with paint, the virtual space with people around the world face to face. multimedia communications, With the development of network technology and applications, there will be great prospects for development. “Manager Liu believes that the group form of organization of visual communication has become widespread, and more personal communications services business is a major market for future growth. In the short term, small and medium enterprises will become a key battleground market struggle.

For the SMB market, the industry Expert S & P would consider this a price-sensitive market. Ming Lan Beijing Star Technology Development Co., Ltd. Qinzi Gang Vice President that “some of the needs of small enterprises, limited financial capacity” is also the leasing market needs of SMEs, need to customize the main products. In addition to financial capacity, SMEs still face many other aspects of market characteristics of the market, such as IT Low technical capacity, and low levels of management, these are the video conferencing products that have to face the future development of a bottleneck.

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