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Eyenetwork: Video Conferencing In London

Business meetings, trips or conferences can be a costly affair, especially if air travel and hotels are components of the trip. Attending such meetings is vital to build professional relationships and further career prospects, however, video conferencing offers a way around the expense of a meeting, without compromising the desired effect. Groups or individuals can arrange meetings between clients hundreds or even thousands of miles away and feel like they are sitting in the same room – such is the quality of high-definition video conferencing technology.

Even if a meeting isn’t too far away, travel time and expense can still be at a premium. No more so is this true than in the capital. With lengthy time-consuming tube journeys or taxi rides, video conferencing in London can be ideal for beating the morning rush hour.

In addition to meetings with clients, large corporations can facilitate meetings or brainstorming sessions with other offices. Video conferencing can allow for better corporate communications channels, as staff from different locations and offices can liaise regularly.

Video conferencing also allows for a more flexible working schedule, which is more relevant than ever with today’s HR regulations. Individuals can conduct meetings from home with their office or clients, from the comfort of their surroundings. Such technology is ideal for those living in remote areas, or who have childcare responsibilities. For the same reasons, video conferencing is a more convenient option for those with physical disabilities, who may find it a challenge to commute to work daily.

In an age where ‘green’ is high on agendas, video conferencing provides a sustainable business solution. Instead of dramatically increasing a company’s carbon footprint with air or motor travel, such technology negates the need for travel, thus reducing carbon emissions.

As well as the cost and eco-friendly elements of video conferencing, the technology also frees staff up to spend more time on pressing work matters. This can reduce stress associated with mounting workloads, whilst increasing staff productivity.

Spending less on travel budgets and increasing staff productivity is surely something to be embraced by businesses in this post-recession transition period…

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