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Video conferencing is the integration of audio and video to allow two or more persons to interact concurrently over the same type of telecommunication lines. In video conferencing, you are broadcasting and receiving synchronized pictures and audio signals at the same time between two or more locations. Video conferencing is often referred to as visual collaboration. The basic difference between videophone and video conferencing is that it serves a conference rather than individuals.

Multinational companies spread across the world utilize the advantage of video conferencing to have improved and inexpensive video communication. Some of the companies have their branch offices at inconvenient locations where the transport facility and lodging facility are not great enough. Many of the employees avoid travelling to such places. When an important meeting is held, they are forced to travel. Video conference helps to avoid such travelling and it of course saves money and time.

It also develops a healthy relationship between partners when used in cooperation with the peripherals and informative software applications. The employees who have participated in this video interaction have the double advantage of seeing their counterpart as well as presentation data. All types of information which are relevant to different fields of research and development, training can be presented using this medium of video conferencing instead of presenting in paper.

Every layer of the organization and all the allied businesses can make use of the Internet protocol video conferencing method. It also increases efficiency through the help of the latest applications in software and complex hardware design. Video conferencing is the best approach to gathering goodwill amongst clients without wasting your time.

I use and highly recommend GVO Conference Video Conferencing Software. Taking time when choosing a provider GVO Conference Video Conference Software is my recommendation.

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