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Present Using Webinars Instead Of The Teleseminars For These Reasons

When you present using the teleseminar, you stream your voice live to anyone who calls on the telephone. But with the webinar, people can see your screen, which means they get a live-streaming video presentation in addition to hearing your voice. You should present using a webinar, which means video, instead of a teleseminar because you can show people instead of just telling them.

You can demonstrate and clarify even if that demonstration only consists of bullet points and screenshots. When I tell you that you can stream the video on your computer to people, it sounds scary, doesn’t it? But the good news is people don’t have to see your face. They can be viewing just your computer screen, which means your desktop, a PowerPoint presentation, or your web browser. This means people see only what you want them to see, and it’s very easy for you to rip up a PowerPoint design and a PowerPoint presentation in just a few minutes.

No matter what you do, especially if you’re explaining a step-by-step system or some kind of software, audio alone won’t cut it. That’s why it’s important in a webinar to be able to demonstrate something, which might mean pulling up a piece of software, pulling up a web page, or just showing diagrams and/or pictures to make sure people understand your point. There’s no harm in explaining a concept, then showing it and explaining it again so people understand it.

Finally, you can be behind the eight ball when it comes to showing some kind of visual image.

What’s a PowerPoint?

It’s just several slides existing of titles and bullet points. You probably would write some kind of a map or notes to keep your presentation on track, so you might as well show those bullet points to your audience to help them follow along, as well. In addition, you can take pictures or screenshots and replace them as different slides on your PowerPoint presentation, and your webinar can still be very entertaining when it is simply you talking over a visual slide show. I hope those three things convince you to run a webinar in place of your next teleseminar because you can show a video, even if it’s just a PowerPoint presentation. You can demonstrate some action and clarify your step-by-step how-to information for your audience, and you can show something as simple as bullet points or screenshots.

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